050 PULSEFIRE Flame Thrower, Pulsefire LRT, NIB!

Absolutely Brand New in Box, Pulsefire is the Ultimate Compact, Lightweight, Fully handheld Flamethrower That Sends a Blast of Fire 25 Feet Away with the Press of a Button. Fill it like any Other Outdoor Tool. With the system Off, Unscrew the Cap and pour in Gasoline or a Gas/Diesel Mixture. Ready When you Need it with Continuous Electric Arc Ignition. No need to Fumble Around with a Pilot Torch to Start This Party. Press Button, Receive Flames! More FUN than Shoveling Snow & Ice! Light Your Next Bonfire from Afar! Pulsefire is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Apply Fire at a Distance. All factory accessories included

006 RED ARMY AK-47 75 Round Drum Magazine, NIB, NR!

Absolutely Brand New in the Box Red Army AK drum magazine is the best way to increase the capacity of your AK-47. This drum mag holds 75 rounds of 7.62x39mm ammunition and is compatible with all AK style rifles and pistols. It features an extremely easy to load design. Just remove the back, drop your rounds in, and wind the front key a few times to provide follower tension, and you are ready to go. This 75 round AK-47 drum magazine is made from stamped metal and is extremely durable. Empty weight: 2.25 lbs. Loaded weight: 5.05 lbs.

031 Choate HK 91 Folding Stock, NEW!

Brand New U.S. made Choate folding stock with HK recoil assembly complete.  This comes assembled and ready to pin onto your HK 91 or CETME.
A great product for those wanting all the ‘preban’ features without sacrificing good ergonomics and comfort while shooting. Rock solid folding stocks made by Choate. Choate also manufactures this same stock for HK Germany which sells them to militaries and police around the globe.

This is the finest folding stock for your HK G3/91 style rifle available. Also counts as 1 US made part for those that need to meet 922R compliance.

024 Israeli UZI Bayonet, New!

Factory Original Israeli UZI Bayonet in perfect condition. This is a new un-marked, un-sharpened bayonet with hard plastic grips and with an un-marked composite sheath.