050 PULSEFIRE Flame Thrower, Pulsefire LRT, NIB!

050 PULSEFIRE Flame Thrower, Pulsefire LRT, NIB!


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Absolutely Brand New in Box, Pulsefire is the Ultimate Compact, Lightweight, Fully handheld Flamethrower That Sends a Blast of Fire 25 Feet Away with the Press of a Button. Fill it like any Other Outdoor Tool. With the system Off, Unscrew the Cap and pour in Gasoline or a Gas/Diesel Mixture. Ready When you Need it with Continuous Electric Arc Ignition. No need to Fumble Around with a Pilot Torch to Start This Party. Press Button, Receive Flames! More FUN than Shoveling Snow & Ice! Light Your Next Bonfire from Afar! Pulsefire is the Safest and Most Effective Way to Apply Fire at a Distance. All factory accessories included

Category: Accessories

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